Thursday, May 04, 2006

We've Got a Date

Well folks, it's all falling into place.

My parents hired a mover yesterday. He was very professional and he's a great deal, considering that his guys are going to be packing up all of our stuff into boxes, loading it onto the truck, and driving it down to California. They don't unpack the boxes, though. : P

This is great because Mom has bad wrists and can't manage all of the packing on her own, even with Dad's and my help.

Anyway, the movers will be here on June 14th. We will spend a couple of nights in a hotel, as June 15th is the closing date for the sale of this house, and Mom and Dad need to be here for that. They will pack the three kitties into their car and drive to California on June 16th.

I would follow, except that June 16th is the last day of school, and I need to be there. Dad asked me yesterday, "Can't you just not be there on the last day?" But just before I came home yesterday, I talked to Mrs. Principal and asked if I could have the kids perform in the assembly on the last day of school. I need to have one more performance for them to do, otherwise I'd have three weeks of hell from them after our May 25th concert. Mrs. Principal loved the idea.

So I will be driving to California on June 17th, all by myself. Dad asked me if I can find my way on my own. I laughed very hard and said, "Dad, I hop on Interstate 5 and go South until I see a familiar skyline."

Anyway, that's the latest update about the move. Still no job, but still lots of time. I'll be back in California in just over a month. Hard to believe.

Mark your calanders! ; )

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