Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Second Job

Well, I start at the local Mervyn's tomorrow. I can't say I'm thrilled to work retail again but it will bring in some money until my WA certification is complete. Then I can sub and make better money (and have way better hours). I figure I'll stay at Mervyn's through Christmas. I can use the discount to replenish my wardrobe, as I left a lot of stuff at a charity shop in England, including my winter coat. And working there will help me feed my shoe addiction. : )

The Teaching Gig

It's going well. I'm making progress with some of the difficult students. Tomorrow is a minimum day, so I only have to teach for 27 minutes. I'll just be giving a worksheet or something. I've been establishing my disciplinary policies and contacting parents about bad behavior. So far they are quite supportive and a few kids have started settling down. They just need to be reminded that I won't tolerate certain behaviors.

All in all, way easier than St. Peter's.

Travel Plans

Right, as soon as I have some money, I want to visit Sacramento and see everyone there. That will probably happen sometime in the spring, so I have time to save up and make plans.

I also want to go to Victoria, British Columbia. I can get a ferry there from Port Angeles, which is about 40 miles from here. Everyone tells me that Victoria is a miniature England. I'm so there.

And That is All

My life hasn't been all that wild of late, but it's all absolutely true! Things will get more exciting now that I'm a working girl again...especially once that first paycheck comes in.



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