Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Target, Old Navy and Mervyn's--Oh My!!

Shooper's paradise.

I didn't realized I had missed Target so much. Now, yes, I've had some random moments in England thinking, "my life would be easy right now if only I could run into Target..." Who doesn't love a store where you can buy toothpaste, a birthday card, pajamas and new bedding all in one stop?

I went there with Mom yesterday, fully expecting to spend a lot of money. I didn't let myself down. $165 later I had purchased some Nora Roberts books (can't find 'em in England), three tubes of deodorant (I'm very picky about deodorant and England does not have Degree), some clothing, many toiletries, and other odds and ends. I was like a kid in a candy shop. Fun!

Today I found a new pair of jeans at Old Navy, and got a new pair of Nikes to run around in.

In other news, apparently (according to those who know me best), I have lost weight and I speak like an English person. : P

It is great to be home but I kinda miss Burnham. Not enough that it overshadows my excitement to see my friends and family. And my Millie (still lots of cuddling going on there).

Speaking of Millie, she's hanging about looking sleepy. And I'm jet-lagged. Time to go to Bedfordshire.

Good night!



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