Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Home Buyer at One Year

So a year ago today, I walked into Casa Meg for the very first time. It was, of course, not Casa Meg yet. It was Casa Meg-Likes-the-Listing.

My first impression of the place itself was not so great.

But by now, you know that story. It was a mess, it was gross, yada yada. I looked at Kristen and said, "Nope!" Being awesome at her job she said, "Well, wait. Think about it."

I thought about it. New flooring? Painting walls? I can do that!! So I sent Kristen an email.

What a year it's been.

I went from bravely putting in an offer to the following six weeks of anxiety and second-guessing. I remember going to Matt's to work out one day. The poor man asked, "So, how's the condo stuff going?" I burst into tears in response. That wasn't the only time I cried in front of him, or others, over home-buying stress.

As these things do, it worked out. I had enough savings. With the help of my parents' generous birthday gift, I paid for all new flooring. The walls were brightened by new paint. And this little condo became Casa Meg--my home.

A year out from putting down the offer, it's a completely different place. It's the perfect size for me, and it's made even more homey by the addition of Archie and Popcorn.

Last summer was full of summer school, home-buying, and all of the cleaning and upgrades to this place. I barely had a chance to breathe before school was starting and I was off and running with lesson planning. This year, I'm already planned for August and most of September. I am not teaching summer school, and aside from a few little projects here and there, I don't have to do anything major, like new floors. And the cleaning is easy compared to last summer. So now, I get to enjoy Casa Meg with Da Boyz. I have grand plans to run in the mornings and work on my Etsy shop, with lazy afternoons reading or binge-watching Game of Thrones. I've earned it.

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