Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Christmas in Casa Meg

The obligatory picture post.

A $5 sign, a $5 candle, a $1 vase, and $3 ornaments.

Another $1 vase with the rest of the ornaments, and a book that
was Aaron's, then mine.

My balcony.

Looking in. It's quite cozy.

My England Tree. I have two Christmas trees, because why

From my February trip. :) 

Also from February--there was a loud squee from me when I
saw Jane in the National Portrait Gallery gift shop.

Tea by the tree.

Mom gave me this last week. Having a bird house in your tree
is good luck.

Christmas stuff was 60% off at JoAnn Crafts, so the little
silver tree was a no-brainer.

I went to one of those Paint Nite deals and left a $5 tip--so our
artist let me pic a tiny painting.

My parents bought these English village pieces many moons
ago. As a child I adored it, so they let me have it.

It's not particularly Christmassy, but we always put it out at
Christmas, so that's what I do now.

I'm going to be all vague and add that I've added another
stocking since then. No, I'm NOT pregnant.

Some of my favorite childhood books. I'm glad Mom kept
them. (Again, NOT pregnant.)

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. So I guess I have three
Christmas trees.

One Tiffany ornament surrounded by Snoopy.

My second piano teacher, Mrs. Heindmarsh, used to give
me an ornament every year. I have several from her that
I hang with great love each year. She's been gone many
years, but I credit her with helping me learn to love music.

The tree when I first finished it.

I found this topper and realized it would make the perfect
topper for  my eclectic little tree.

I found the sparkly candle cup at Orchard Supply Hardware. 

The England tree, next to my hutch. I started collecting
these ornaments in London Semester 1999. Bought a few
more in 2004-2005, and then another five or six on this
year's trip. Since taking this, I've wrapped some red tulle
around the tree to finish it.

The second bathroom.

Under the tree.

Mom made the sign many years ago, for her parents. She was going to get rid
of it, but I grabbed it. I've had the Peanuts ornaments since high school. 

This pic of Grandma and Grandpa Bean is always on display. I kept it out for

That doorway on the left is the 2nd bedroom. 

The view from the kitchen. 

Mom and Grandma made these when I was a child. The small bell on top
was my contribution. It's a hot mess, which makes it wonderful to me. I was so
eager to do what Mom and Grandma were doing, and they let me. 

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