Sunday, September 11, 2016

Settling In

I'm Officially Moved In to Casa Meg, as of a week ago today. I'm getting used to the sounds and the atmosphere of the condo itself, and the complex and surrounding area. As is to be expected, the hardest part is being by myself again. I mean, it's not terrible. It's just different, and weird not being able to pop out in the living room to chat with Mom and Dad. I hope, once I have actual furniture that is not a bean bag chair, to have friends over as often as possible.

But for now, I'm just trying to figure out where everything goes. The goal for the upcoming week is to get a desk for the second bedroom, and a file cabinet. My file drawer needs have expanded since purchasing a home--the amount of paperwork they give you is astounding.

Last weekend was all about getting my clothes and toiletries and other odds-and-ends from Mom and Dad's house to here. I had just hung the last of my clothing up on the wire shelving Dad and I had installed when it collapsed at my feet.

Oops. One trip to Home Depot and about an hour of building later, I had a better set-up...and, ironically, it was identical to the set-up the previous owner had installed (poorly), and that I proudly ripped out a month ago. Go figure. 

(My version looks better.)

Saturday was also delivery day for my new stove, and it is beautiful.

Little odds and ends are coming together. I put out the new welcome mat that Summer sent me, and found space in the kitchen for a fantastic cutting board I splurged on at Bed Bath & Beyond.

My fried Matt gave me a gift card to BB&B for my birthday, and I told him, "I will use it for something I want, not something I need." A California cutting board is certainly not high on the needs list...but it does make me smile.

Sarah came over that evening to see how the place was coming, bringing champagne from herself and an adorable magnet from Julia.

I didn't spend the night here on Saturday--my toiletries were still at Mom and Dad's. On Sunday, I packed the last of my things (well, almost) into Sylvie and started turning Casa Meg into my full-time home.

I had worried a little that my green bedding wouldn't look good with the teal walls. I worried for nothing. It looks GREAT.

I've started slowing decorating the walls--I already knew I wanted my running stuff up in the closet-not-a-closet part of the second bedroom.

I bought some short bookcases for the closet-not-closet, and some bins that are the perfect size for the cards I sell on Etsy.

Meanwhile, there's no couch--that will come in time--so I'm lounging each evening in my bean bag chair.

On Monday (Labor Day), Matt helped me move the last major items over from Mom and Dad's house--a small Rubbermaid set of drawers that I keep my workout gear in, and my piano. Now all that remains at their house is a stack of my scrapbooks, which I'll take as soon as I figure out where I'm going to keep them all. 

As ever, in this whole adventure, I'm humbled by and grateful for everything my friends and family do to help me. 

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