Thursday, June 09, 2016

Purple Hair, Don't Care

Starting sometime in my teen years, I would regularly get blonde highlights put in my hair, to the point where most people assumed I was a natural dark blonde. 

In 2010, facing unemployment, I went back to my roots, and had my hair dresser die it slightly darker than my natural brown roots. She did that so that as the color faded it wouldn't contrast too much with my natural roots growing out, but I loved the drama of it.

Rediscovering myself as a brunette was fun, and I've never even thought about going blonde again in the years since...though I have experimented with Garnier and done a bit of a red look.


Hint of auburn

Almost purple

But recently, I've been eyeing the rainbow hair trend with a tremendous amount of envy. I can't quite get away with full-on mermaid hair in my career, but oh man, I want a fun color. And since one of my colleagues has bits of purple in her hair, I figure, well, why not?

Last week, I bought a temporary color that washes out in 2-3 washes, and on Sunday, I applied it in broad "highlights" on my head.

I bloody love it. Everyone else who has seen it loves it, too.

So I think I'm going to take the plunge, now that the purple has washed out, and get a pro to do something more permanent. Nothing quite so dramatic as what I put in my hair this past weekend--that was done knowing it would wash out if I hated it. But I'm totally willing to have a few well-placed purple face-framing highlights (I wear my hair pulled back from my face at work, so it won't be quite so "out there" in a professional setting). Because it's fun. And it's hair. And because you're only as old as you feel...and I feel very young, thankyouverymuch.

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