Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sylvie's First Boo-Boo

I've been waiting for it to happen. The first ding on a new car is always the most painful, and even though this one was an easily-fixed ding to the windshield (and not the body), it was just traumatic enough at the time to leave me, well, a little shaken.

On Wednesday, I was driving to work on Interstate 80. I leave early enough to miss the worst of the rush hour traffic, so I was just west of Roseville, going about 60-65, and about four car lengths behind the person in front of me, when I vaguely noticed something flying towards my windshield.

I had about a split-second to think, "Is that a bug?" before...


It was like someone popped a balloon right next to my ear. My first reaction was a loud gasp and a small, seat belt-prohibited jump, followed by:

"What kind of bug--?!!"


"Oh, wait, not a bug."

...and finally...

"Oh my GOD, my windshield!!!"

That's my thumb. 

Fortunately, it wasn't worse. It was a hard hit, and a loud one. Later in the day, I showed the damage to Matt and even he said just the size of the ding alone indicates it was a good-sized rock.

It didn't occur to me until later that I could claim this on my insurance, but I can. The glass repair person is coming out this morning to repair it, and I'm fairly confident this is an easy fix--not a whole new windshield. It's kinda borderline at this point, so my fingers are crossed.

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