Saturday, January 30, 2016

My Week in Instagram (Week #166)

Kinda light on pictures this week. Dad had a Pacemaker put in (and is doing great!!), and things were just busy and a bit stressful.

Two weeks 'til London!


Cussing and taking the blame with my favorite British rock star.

These are only available at Valentine's Day, so stock up.

Staples had a sale, so Mom and Dad got me some goodies!

My quiche went a little wild in the oven.

We call this "eclectic taste in music." 


Two Star Wars shopping bags, lunch bag, work bag, purse,
ukulele, and a bunch of plastic Easter eggs. All in one trip
from the car. 

My kinders did some magazine-cutting-and-pasting. This was
my sample. :) 

Post-gym smug satisfaction. 

Mark your calendars! 


The 100th day of school in Kindergarten.

London on the brain.

Reading in bed with Duckie.


Acrylic paint. I'm so sick of acrylic paint.

But the boards are done, and they look awesome!

I'm getting to be a fan of a quiet night-time run. 


"When I am 100..." So cute!

Mom's first text to me on Thursday. The wait was brutal.

This message promptly made me burst into tears at my desk (it
was lunch time, fortunately, not teaching time).

An old family joke...and proof that Dad was feeling good. 


First grade teacher asked if I could maybe come up with a chant
about sources of light. Oh, can I. I'll be rapping it over the bass
riff to Queen's "Under Pressure." 

Give yourself a standing ovation for surviving the week!


Gained a few pounds this morning. 

Then I went to Matt's (he kindly rescheduled at last-minute
on Thursday so I could help Mom out). He has a hoverboard
to play with. 

Sylvie's first trip through a touchless car wash. All the recent
rain had her looking dusty.

Coming soon: daffodils! 

A new bud on Millie's Rose. 

Another rose bush. 

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