Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Week in Instagram (Week #165)

I'm three weeks out from my London trip so who really cares how this week went, anyway? Ha.


Good day for Snoopy leggings.

Recent rain has left the water high and the grass green.
Available: one nest, fixer-upper. Great neighborhood!
Winter rose on Harley's Rose Bush.

Spiked hot chocolate and a juicy book. Sunday done right!



Played SWAG for 69 points on Lexulous.

I had a nice long walk down to the pond on a glorious day.

Mom went to a cake decorating class. : )

These still exist!! 

Got me a new shopping bag.

And a HUGE purse for my upcoming trip. 


A soup-for-lunch kind of day.

That was about two days' worth of rain.

Killed it. Matt was proud.

My new Bryson book came--I'm saving it for my trip.

GAH!!! I loved this pair!!!


We made maracas.

My middle school kids started painting bulletin boards to
beautify the school.

Even the 7th/8th grade boys got into it. Who knew?

A treat.

Trading boots for running shoes...

Jog-A-Thon time!

I ran four laps (about a mile) before I had to get ready to teach.

Looking good! This week, we'll finish.

Finally managed to time it just right to get this picture while


Green eyes.

I had to wash a ton of paint brushes. Yikes.

Spilled the beans, hahahaha.

Booked this for Sarah and I, and CAN'T WAIT!!!


Took my laptop to see the Geek Squad after TWO mice went
awry. Turns out it's just cheap mice.

Woke up with serious, crippling back pain. Had an appointment
with Matt. "How do you sleep?" "Come to think of it, there's
a huge dip where I sleep." "Maybe you should flip your mattress.."

Can't flip it, but I can rotate it. I have so much room

Tiny bedroom.

Went to Sarah's to hang out while Julia got ready for the Winter
Formal. Saw this--yeah, that's toddler Julia and ME in the back.

So much makeup!

Julia and her boyfriend Matt. So cute!

Her dress was darling.

Three work weeks left and then I'm on a 747 to London. Holy cow!!

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