Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve

Today I have...

Dusted my bedroom, scooped the litter boxes, washed all of my bed linens, remade the bed, swept the floors in my room and the craft room, done three other loads of laundry, scrubbed my bathroom, organized and straightened some stuff, worked out with Matt*, cleaned up the kitchen, prepped a plate of goodies for going to a friend's house tonight, prepped all the veggies to go on the crock pot tomorrow for black-eyed pea soup, braved the hell that is WinCo Foods on a holiday, unloaded a bunch of groceries, walked down to get the mail, prepped two Etsy sales for shipping, fed the cats (twice), and taken the garbage can out to the curb for tomorrow's pick up.

Now, let's party.

To one and all, a safe and happy New Year's Eve celebration.


Meg of the Little Pink Blog

*Yeah, and said workout was the Fran again, and I beat my previous best by about 1:40, so go me.

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