Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sylvie in the Sunshine

At lunch today, I walked out to the parking lot to take a few pics of Sylvie the 3 in the sun. It shows off her lovely silver color.

Later, I stopped to use the restroom at a park near Matt's house before a training session. As I walked back out to where I'd parked, I saw how the light was hitting her, stopped in my tracks, and thought, "Wow. That's my car!"

We hit our first milestone today--100 miles. Another 2,000 of those and we're all good.

She drives like a dream. Smooth ride, pretty quiet. Mazdas are performance cars, built to go "zoom, zoom, zoom" and to look good doing it.

My friend Matt happens to be a huge "car guy," and his opinion on cars is very well-informed and valued. When I got to his house a few minutes later, he was anxious to see my new ride, and made all of the appreciative sounds that a true car aficionado makes--something about the lines and something about the vinyl they used for the dash. I just nodded and smiled and agreed that this car is really a gorgeous specimen.

And she is, don't you agree?

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