Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #155)

Let's see. New car? Check. Half marathon? Check. Day off from work? Check.

What a week!


Last week, this house had Peanuts Halloween. This week...

It's a bit early but SO CUTE.

Part of my run took me to a nearby trail. 

Last run before the Beat the Blerch Half.

Rain coming!

The coming weekend looks good. :) 

Awkward...he later told me he will NEVER take the cat's
picture from his profile. "I loved him." Look, dude, I get it.
I miss my Millie every day, but I'm not rude to strangers who


Cooooold. (Also, loving my new fleece-lined rain coat.)

This is what TK does when the VAPA teacher has the sniffles.

Bikin' it. 

I'm so offended Starbucks. *eyeroll*

I love Barlow Bradford's arrangements of Christmas tunes, but
his seemingly-arbitrary use of E-sharp in the soprano line is
really, really annoying. 


Don't talk to me. I'm caffienating. 

Happy Birthday, Sesame Street! 

Poor little guy FROZE. Probably thought I wanted to eat him.

A present from a Little. 

Pixel Art. 

Oh, no big deal, just dead lifting 120 pounds at Matt's. New
personal best. Going for 150 next week.

R2-D2 nightgown. 


Sure, I'll do a five-mile walk in this.

On that trail near my neighborhood again. I feel like I should
touch the rocks, see if I'm transported back to a really hot
Scottish dude. My luck, I'd piss off a nest of sleeping rattlesnakes.

If this old oak could talk. 

Dad's medals.

I didn't know it at the time, but this little beauty would end
up coming home with me. (I thought I might get a different

Ahh, memories. This one was a pillar in a parking garage in
Old Town Sacramento. May 2013. 

By the time I took this picture, I only had legal ownership of
one of them...and it wasn't Rosie. 

Sylvie in her new digs.


Sylvie in the sunshine. 

Selfie in my new car.

As I approached I actually stopped in my tracks and thought,
"Wow...that's MY car."

Our first milestone. ; )

Came home to a present from my parents. It's bigger than
Biggie Swimmy, so I'm thinking its name might be Ginormo.


Dearie Swimmy has been selected to be Sylvie's mascot.

Dude. Persistence is not charming. And we are NOT a match.
(No, I do not feel obligated to respond.)

Unless an owl is delivering this book from Hogwart's, I'm not

Two hours left of work, lesson plans almost done...

Picking up my race packet. 

I showed Oats (Matt Inman) a picture of me from 2007 and said,
"I beat my own blerch!" He said, "Wow...good for you!" and I
had him sign my entrance ticket. I wish I'd taken a picture of

Brand-new bib, as yet unwrinkled. 

SWAG. Two temporary tattoos, a large sticker, a magnet, and
a headband, all in addition to the t-shirt.

I bought the hat and the Blerch separately. 

Sunset from the dashboard. (I was stopped.)

One of the better race shirts. I love the cupcake.


Tatted up and ready to go.

I had Dad take a pic before I left.

The rest of Saturday's pictures are here, along with my race recap.

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