Sunday, November 08, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #154)

LEGOs and Snoopy and selfies, oh my!


Looking like rain...

LOVE this Halloween display.

I found a trail near my neighborhood recently. It has these
rocks that make me feel like I'm in Outlander.

I keep thinking I will walk through one and find a really hot
Scottish dude. 

Those are rain drops. We've reached that point in California
where we photographs rain drops on the ground because

Hot tea, cold afternoon.

Food prep for the week. 

My night stand.


Cute scarf. 

The TK class won Best Door Poster for Red Ribbon Week.

Music teacher on a rainy day.

The pic they choose to give us a free print of? I look grumpy.


LEGOs for a lesson.

When your coat matches your eyes.

My middle school students and I did some pop art this week.
This was one of mine.

Another. I'm quite pleased with them.

Bella and her catnip pickle. 



"We don't fall for drugs," by Kindergarten B. : )

A couple of days of rain, and the school's lawn starts getting
some green back. 

Online dating. I got an even BETTER one the next day,
but it wouldn't fit in one Instagram picture.

The kids LOVED this.

Putting my running light to good use.


Modifying the lesson to use with my 4th and 5th graders. 

Throwback Thursday to that time when I was a teeny Snoopy


Safely arrived at work. This is how I felt about getting out of
my car. It was cold out there!


I wiped down my desk with a Clorox wipe, locked up my
laptop, and headed home.

What music teachers take home: flute (to drop at the repair
shop--loose key), ukulele, lunch bag, tea mug, LEGOs to sort.


YAY!!!! I loved it so much.

Cuddles with Duchess.


I'm creating a tiny home gym. 

Slayed it.

I've started collecting canned goods for our local food pantry.

I was sorting some stuff out in my room and put on the old
size 18s. Sometimes I need a reminder.

Mom, Dad, and I went to dinner. There was wine.

This is from a catalog that came in the mail. Hilarious.

The coming week involves a day off, a half marathon, and possibly a new car. Expect a lot of pictures.

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