Sunday, November 01, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #153)

Another busy week, which started with a workout and ended with Halloween.



Bella and the catnip pickle.

I had a make-up appointment with Matt, but was early, so I
drove around a little. A few blocks from his house was this.

Mom planted a white rose in honor of Millie.

After cancelling on a date on Friday. 


Experimenting with spice painting. Tip: if you try this, pepper
doesn't work, but cinnomon, chili powder, and coffee do. Yes,
I know coffee is not a spice.

This dude had a problem listening to me when I told him that
I don't enjoy being called "cute." 

You don't keep spices on your desk?

The activity was a hit.

Sweat is my color.

Christmas music in October. 

I ended up meeting him, and he was a dud.


Silly Hair Day at school I rocked my inner Child of the 80s.

Excited about the Peanuts movie? Nah.

More Chumash Rock Art and spice painting.


Silly Sock Day

I kind of thought they ought to have a picture of Axl Rose and
Slash with this one.


Waiting at a red light.

More Storybots.

Lunch and Art

I'm going to have my middle school kids do Pop Art
Onomatopoeia words this week. 

Making Japanese fans in 2nd grade. 

Chatting with Mom on the patio. 


There will be a post about this. 

 I love Pay Day.

I bought some stuff to make my Christmas cards.

Friday Night Lights. It was Senior Night, so I was there to see
Miss J. get honored. 

Proud Mama of a senior.

The senior cheerleaders stand on boxes.

There she is! I can't believe she's almost 18. Time flies.



Kicking my own booty on a Saturday morning.

Thunder Thighs (they're powerful).

Dad's humor.

Dixie came by to say hello.

She knows Dad keeps cookies in the garage. ; )

I love and hate this bookstore, but I did need a used dictionary
to cut up for the Pop Art.

I made deviled eggs. Get it? Devils!!

Party at Sarah's.

We even got fancy hats.

And grown-up root beer.

Tiger Tilly! 

Tiger Butt. The costume had more tail than Tilly does.

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