Sunday, October 11, 2015

My Week In Instagram (Week #150)

The week itself was fairly standard, and then yesterday, I booked a trip to London, and now, after ten years, I'll finally be going back.



I love, love, LOVE my new running shoes.

A lovely morning for it!

Lots of loops and whatnot. 

Throwing it back to a year ago, finishing my first half.

"Helping" Sarah unpack. We actually did work. We just sat
and caught up a bit first!

Tilly, in front of Julia's senior picture. I can't believe she's a


Introducing my kinders to Jazz.

Pretty morning.

I'm down with the duck.

Jamba for dinner.

We're starting early this year. A lot of memory work to be done.

Digging my new purple Under Armour shoes.


As I left my kindergarten class, I saw this little squirrel, busy
moving its food around.

Getting ready for a butt-kicking with Matt. 

Finally washing my filthy car.


Tea makes me go.

Lesson planning.

Fish oil, cinnamon, and apple cider vinegar supplements.

In middle school VAPA, we did some clay. :) I made Olaf.
Sadly, he didn't survive drying.

Some of the kids' creations. 

Wednesday running fashion.

Fall is here. Kind of. 

Because you don't walk by an R2D2 nightie at Target and NOT
buy it.



We have a board in the staff room for posting compliments and
thank-you's to others. On the left, you can see an orange Post-It
that I wrote to our school custodian.

Time to paint! 

I made this in addition to Olaf.

This went live on Monday and got enormous support all week.

We have a bit of a pickle with the catnip problem.

'Nipped out.


Friday selfie.

There was an assembly, so band had to meet elsewhere. We
chose the playground. 

Carrots, celery, cheese, Cutie, supplements. I also had curried
chicken with potatoes and cauliflower. Healthy lunch!

By Friday, I was so excited. It was fully funded by Saturday

Matt got a new toy. It's a rower, but with water in the little tank,
which is way harder (and more effective) than the machines at
the gym. 


After a 5K run, I did some agility training on these steps--about
20 of them.

Mom, Dad and I went to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm up in

I love how they've taken old tractors and trucks and made
planters out of them.

Petting zoo!! Dad and I fed the goats. 

Passed. Out.

This is Reverend Tip. E. Burrito.

The Goatel.

This pig was ENORMOUS. 

The Short Line...haha, get it? Short lady? 

Now THIS is a pumpkin patch. I half expected to see Linus
waiting for the Great Pumpkin.

Pumpkin Farm Fashion.

Sunflower labyrinth. 

And then, I submitted my debit card info, and the trip went from
"maybe" to "booked."  I might have had tears in my eyes.

Cali Swimmy already has plans to meet Timmy Swimmy and
his assistant, Sarah. Good thing his passport is up-to-date!

I went to Raley's for some groceries. I've passed this display
so many times, but yesterday, I just kinda stared at it and
grinned foolishly.

The last of the summer strawberries (*sob*) and the first of the
autumn cranberries (*yay!*). 

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