Saturday, October 03, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #149)

Pay Day, a little bit of rain, athletic awesomeness, Snoopy leggings, and a new rubber duck. A good week. A good week, indeed.


It's beginning to look a tiny bit like Autumn...

On Sunday, I discovered that there are turtles in this pond. 

Food prep. That's one week of lunches.

Sunday's lunch was too pretty not to Instagram.


Full moon over California (taken through a dirty windshield
while stopped at a red light).

Oatmeal with almonds and cacao nibs. Yum.

Let the fun begin!! 

The One-Eyed Puppet Friend Club.

Going, going, gone.

New decision: On Monday, we swim.

No matter what it does to the hair.

New conductor for Sac Choral.


There but for the grace of TEA go I...

Gu? Check. Scrunchie? Check. Lacrosse ball? Check.
Must be a train-with-Matt day. : )

Matt wrapped a band around my leg super-tight to help some
muscle/nerve/weird pain I've been having. 

Finally!! Now, bring on season 2!!!


It's safe to say the Boomwhackers are a hit.

Pay Day!!!



Selfie of a woman who is happy to be wearing a jacket.

Yup. I'll be dancing an Irish Reel with my kidlets soon.

A third grader gave me a present, so I clipped it in my hair.

Another present--from Dad! I named her Dearie Swimmy, at
Mom's suggestion.


My weekly treat.

Band time!

Clarinets (I LOVE those girls!) and trumpets. Good kids.

My art class did some pointillism with Q-tips. There was some
GREAT art happening! 

After work, I went to Kohl's. I call this the Purple People Eater
running jacket. I did NOT buy it.

I did, however, buy these leggings, to run in. Because sometimes
you need some ridiculous in your life.

Friday night done RIGHT, by God.

I uploaded a pic of my own pointillism painting. 


Beat last week's time by four minutes!

Every time I go to this book store, there are more books.
Pretty soon, there will be no room for people. This is just behind
the counter!!

It's getting harder and harder to shop there. I love them, but
this needs to be fixed.

It was time for new running shoes. They didn't have my shoe
in the teal I've been wearing. Do you mind green?

Clay for my middle school kids.

Tonight, lesson planning. I'm taking my 5th graders to Mars
and Venus this week, via Gustav Holst. 

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