Sunday, September 27, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #148)

These days, it seems all of my weeks are teaching stuff, and workout stuff (though I did go on a date last night).


Matt is proud of me. 

Cali and I weep for our once-great team. But we are Niner fans,
through good and bad. 

Excellent album. 

This is how I feel about our once-per-semester Sunday rehearsals
for Sac Choral.

Ha! T-Nation stands for Testosterone Nation. This site is the
reason I'm drinking vinegar. 


Nothing like starting the week off with a dude who thinks
he's funny, and also thinks that trying and trying again will
yield results with me.

My hair was cooperating on Monday.

My vice principal took pics of my little band and posted them.
The school is so excited to have a band at all! 

Peanutize Me! I totally did and I'm totally using this as my
profile pic on Facebook. 

Nothing like realizing AFTER you leave the store that they
left the anti-theft device on your new Under Armor shoes.


Why yes, yes I do.

Cat shoes, Kindergarten Carpet.

Pretty day.

Circles (for an art project I did with middle school).


School bus. I know the driver from a previous job, so we always
wave and smile and greet each other. 

Found this idea online and had my kids do it. They enjoyed it!
"A timid voice whispered, "='What a pity.' In a voice of thunder
she burst out laughing."

My circles, progressing.

More book page poetry.

One--ONE--second short of my personal best.

My friend Sandy sent me these. SO CUTE.


Found this online, already have it in a lesson plan.

Finally getting to use my new shoes. They are so awesome.



Painting with middle school, God help me.

Friday afternoon means lesson plans.

This is "Rain, Rain, Go Away" in solfege. So Squirrel, Mi Mouse,
La Lizard, Fa Fox, Re Rabbit, Do Duck. 

Friday Night...

...done right.





Tilly (and Sarah and Julia) had a great crowd of people to help
them move. 

My colleague, our Russian teacher, gave me these sweets. 

I tried a chiropractor out for my sciatica. I think this might be
what helps it for good.

Great sign in Historic Roseville. I was meeting a dude for a date
at an Irish pub up the street. 

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