Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #147)

Cali Swimmy made some appearances this week.


Sunday morning, I ran the Run to Remember in Sacramento.

I had company for this one.

I had a red bandana on my head, and a blue one on my belt.
Patriotic and such.

Garden of Remembrance

Game Face. I was getting over a sinus thing and wasn't entirely
sure I'd be able to run at all.

Finished sprinting! And gasping. It wasn't my easiest run, but
I did it.


Later, I followed Mom around while she tended her garden.


Getting ready for some kindergarten music time.

Lunch. Super-carb-heavy.

I read on T-Nation (site for lifters) that drinking apple cider
vinegar before a high-carb meal is good for processing the

Recorders. Oy, my ears.


Good morning!

Teaching solfege.

The church where our Kinder classes meet is so pretty.


Construction paper strips.

I gave my middle school kids some step-by-step drawing ideas.
This was one of them, and I had to draw it.


Signs of fall, or signs of drought? 

Feelin' cute.

New book. :)


We did more drawing on Thursday, so I had to draw some
Bat Woman.

This was a GREAT concert.

Terrible shot, but I did have a pretty good seat. 


On Fridays, we Jamba.

I have discovered Storybots, and I love them.

Heading home on a Friday. Clarinet in one hand, lesson plan
binder tucked under my arm, ukulele strapped to my back.

Mom hosted a "soup kitchen" party. With wine.

Someone brought watermelon and feta salad. Delicious!


Seen on my run.

I was supposed to run 11 miles. I changed my mind a few
miles in. And I beat my best race time by 6-7 minutes. 

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