Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #146)

For a short week, it was a long week. Kind of.


Not a bad pace. Definitely on track to improve my half marathon

Post-run, feeling smug.


On Sunday, I went to Folsom to see an old choir friend perform
in "Guys and Dolls."

So much of Folsom has changed...but some things stay the same.



The show was great--very well done, and good to see my friend
Mike, who was so tickled that I came. After, I stopped at Snook's
because of course I stopped at Snook's.

This building used to be yellow with purple trim, and it housed
Stamp Mania, where I spent several Christmases and summers
during high school and college working.

California has been showing off a lot lately.


Monday was a day for Game of Thrones and not much else.
I'm finally caught up. The conversations about GoT with Matt
at my training sessions have been epic.

Drown in my love handles? Get down in my love handles?
Both? Either way...thanks for pointing out my love handles.

When your pedicure matches your favorite blanket.


School laptop: Stolen.
Mood: Donald.

Because my computer was gone, and my voice was going, I
played the CD that goes with this book for my kinders.

Someone pulled the eyes off the horse puppet!! I was just as
sad about this as I was about my laptop.

Fingerprinting dust on my desk.

The answer to negative energy--creativity. 

Even weird creativity.

I wear socks when I work out with Matt. Might as well wear
fun ones. 


With a uke strapped to my back and my (personal) laptop in
my arms, off to teach the kinders. 

National Teddy Bear Day! Harry Bear was bought in a fit
of homesickness when I lived in England. He's very huggable.




On Friday, we Jamba. Apples and Greens. Yum.

Oops. The supply truck caught a bit of tree.

I didn't have much teaching on Friday, so I used the time to
plan, plan, plan, and complete the mandatory Child Abuse
Reporting training online...which is depressing as hell.

I did go over to TK for a short lesson, as they'd missed their
normal time on the Monday holiday.

At the church where our TK and Kindergarten classes
are being held for now--it seemed appropriate, given the

I also stopped by one of my first grade classes. It was nice, on
a day filled with so much sorrowful remembrance, to have the
opportunity to read a silly book to young kids, who giggled
uproariously at the silly pictures and words. 


We have a lot of smoke around here from the massive Butte
fire. It's really, really bad up there, and I hope all involved are

I was at Midas last Saturday for new brake pads. I was there
again today for new headlights. RoPro is a great car, but she's
getting kind of high-maintenance. She's 12, so it's likely
by year's end I'll be getting a new car.

Today I celebrate three years. I'm not 130 now, as I was in the
after photo, but I've gained more muscle, I've run two half
marathons, earned my Certified Personal Trainer certificate,
and I'm training with Matt again. I think I'm doing okay.

The Midas waiting room has comfy chairs. 

Spent much of my day reading and watching movies on Netflix.
I have this lingering cold/allergy thing going on and my nose
is so plugged up. Still planning to try to run a 5K race tomorrow,
even if I have to walk more than usual.

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