Saturday, August 01, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #140)

This week was brought to me by the letters S (for study) and W (for worry) and the number 100 (for dead lift PRs).


Because I had a race on Saturday, I only walked on Sunday.
So I took my Canon with me.

I came across this picture on Instagram. The red was
added by me. That's where my brain immediately went.

Online dating is...interesting.


This is where I work out these days. 

Tea. Best study aid.

More pics from Mom's garden.

Just a friendly neighborhood wasp. 


I got a few nice pics on my walk. I didn't run this week, mostly
because my sleep was off.

Ahh, yes. The conservatives are once again trying to tell
me my little brain can't take care of my sinful body. 

The exam prep app I bought on my iPhone (a whopping $7.99!!)
was the BEST purchase. It helped me pass the exam.

Saw this huge cardboard cut-out at the theater and wished I
had someone to take a pic of me in the chair.

Ugly-cried my way through this one. Super-cute, and very,
very spot-on.

JOY!! Loved her, and loved that she learned Riley can't have
her without also having Sadness.


This is 100 pounds. I dead lifted it. Then I stood in the middle
of it doing a funny little shimmy and high-fiving Matt. As
one does.

A study break.

Walked along a good chunk of the golf course on Thursday.

Saw some parts I hadn't seen before.


I did some easy ladder drills before getting to my Matt-
assigned Friday workout: 200 Kettlebell Swings. 

Done! It didn't kill me (only made me stronger, haha).

I PASSED!!! The first thing I did on retrieving my phone from
the trunk of the car (couldn't take it in) was text my parents,
Matt, Summer, Maayan...and then posted on Facebook. Then
Instagram, which goes directly to Twitter. Covered!

All of the Post-It Notes have been removed from the wall.

On Friday night, an individual-sized applesauce landed on
my face while falling out of the fridge. Ouch. 

Mom and Dad are out of town, so this is what I woke up to.
Two cats stalking my bedroom door, waiting for breakfast.

Butternut squash mac-and-cheese. I can't make this too often,
but after 200 swings and passing an exam, I felt okay. 

This was my reward for passing the CPT exam. Yes, Legos.

Watched some Game of Thrones, built a space shuttle. Hey,
a good afternoon!

(It must be said, however, that I also spent two hours with
Sarah today at a fundraiser she was doing for her daughter's
cheerleading team, and I ran to the grocery store, so this isn't
all I've done.)

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