Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #139)

What a week! I got to go chat with my new boss and get a tour of my new school. I spent a huge amount of time prepping for (and stressing about) the upcoming CPT exam. Tea date with Summer. Worked out, ran, ate, slept. Wash, rinse, repeat.


I had to cut my run short for a variety of reasons. This displeased

Sunday pampering is always nice.

Post-pampering. Happy Meg.

It was National Ice Cream Day, so of course I celebrated.

Scheduled my exam time. Freaked out a few days later and
moved it to Friday the 31st. 

Tea and intrigue (Game of Thrones).

Ha! Found this on Instagram, had to steal it.


Pre-workout selfie in Matt's gym. He converted his garage,
and did an amazing job, all on his own.

The state of my brain these days. 

Monday marked the five-year anniversary of THIS awesome

This made me laugh so hard at the absurdity. Never, ever
push a client! 


Posted without a filter, hence the non-square shape saved
on my camera roll. It was a glorious morning.

Sun coming up over the golf course.

My new home. :) 

Pretty Bella

Minor freak-out about the new job, the test date, etc. etc.

When in doubt, foam roll. With Game of Thrones.


For a few weeks now, Matt has been meaning to give me some
of his favorite tea (from a Middle Eastern market) to try.
We both finally remembered this week, so I had to brew it
just so.

I made it super-strong, which was okay, but I found I prefer
it lighter. 

The eyebrows are 'Shopped, but it's still too adorable not
to share.

I did not message him. What's hilarious is that just that morning
during my workout, I was lamenting to Matt (trainer, friend,
therapist), that so many guys are looking for "princesses" and...
I'm so not a princess.


100% of my friends and family agree: The corn did.

Online dating is weird. 

So instead of dating, I take pictures of Mom's garden.


Short run, but I finished it by doing some agility training
(up, up, down, down, up, up...On. Every. Single. Step.) so
it's all good.

Cute new top is cute.

So, turns out Downtown Dixon is kind of cute. 

They have a terrific little antique shop.

And the best tea place Summer and I have found yet. It's
one of our favorites because it's kinda-sorta halfway for
both of us, and they have great food, great service, great
atmosphere. I bought some caramel tea. :)

The Royal Tea: Soup (zucchini), salad, sandwiches, scone,
desserts. Pot of tea. All of it delicious.

And so pretty.

They sell Unicorn Farts lip balm, too.


Tried the "fad" flavor. It was...not so good.

Notes. The Brick (the book). Tea. Water. Nearby bathroom.

Race prep.

Water droplets


When the race bib matches your shoes.

My third year running this one.

Running for a friend and her father, who is in advanced
stages of Alzheimer's.

Pre-race deep squat. My legs felt good.

Post-race noms.

Great first mile. Okay second mile. Terrible third mile. But
I got an oatmeal cookie, so all was right in my world.

Big Jim Hall, local radio personality.

Found out on Friday that my great-grandmother is buried at
East Lawn, where the race starts and ends. I stuck around
after to inquire about where she is buried.

Found her! According to Mom, my Grandma Bean (Mom's
mom) spoke fondly of her mother--Ruth was kind, but also
had a temper when riled. "Like me!" I said. Mom just laughed.

It's a peaceful place to rest. I introduced myself to her and told
her that her daughter Edna was a wonderful grandma to me.

Mom, Dad and I went out for Thai food.

I had Yellow Curry (chicken) and it was marvelous. 

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