Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #138)

It was kind of an unexciting week, though I did find out my fingerprints cleared and I'm official for my new job. : )


Powering through five miles even while I feel like I might
lose my Gu? Badass. 


I was going through pictures on Sunday evening and I almost
didn't recognize myself in 2009.

That moment when a BEE lands on your computer. 


And he did! Matt has been incredibly helpful as I study for the
CPT exam. He knows SO much.

On Monday, my friend Becky's husband JJ passed away. A bunch
of our friends made this our profile picture on Facebook for the
week as a show of solidarity. 

Flashcards. That's just ONE batch. 

Since then, I've scored an 88. I'm starting to memorize the
questions on the NASM site, so I bought an app that has
about 500 different questions to help me study. 

Lady Fuzz, Duchess of Wake Up Calls.

This, I have learned, is the 12th hole of the Orchard course.

More golf course.

I love walking down to this pond. On Tuesday I saw a bunch of
quail and their chicks, but I couldn't get pictures. 

This made me giggle.

On Tuesday I went on a date with a new dude. He has some
promise, at least for a second date...but he pulled some
weirdness on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I was on my own at the gym, so I superset the
leg press (200 pounds, yo) and barbell squats (30 pounds). 

Finding random Gu in your might be a runner.

Another awesome workout in the books.

The place next door to Fleet Feet. Yikes.

So the dude I met on Tuesday and I were discussing the
possibility of meeting again, and then Mr. Insecure put
me on the spot with this. Just let it roll, dude. 


Back to the pond on Thursday. Some Canadian geese were
hanging out.


Walked back along the mostly-empty golf course. I don't
really walk it a lot because 1) I'm not supposed to, and 2) I
don't particularly want to get beaned in the head. But when it's
quiet out there, I sometimes walk it.

Shamelessly stole this from a friend on Instagram. It is so
awesome. Showed it to Matt on Friday and he--another child
of the 80s--said, "Send it to me!!!!" Mr. Rogers was The Man.

Fun with M&Ms and Scrabble tiles.


Dixie!! My favorite neighbor. 

CPR/AED class. Turns out AEDs are ridiculously easy.


This is the first thing you do the morning after a workout
with Matt. Well, the second thing. First, you whimper. A lot.


I bought the first season and have officially sipped the

This was a book at the craft store. There's something for everyone
at JoAnn's. 

They even have Nutty Lips.

Yes, you too can apply lip balm straight from a squirrel's bum.

John Snow is cute, but he catches a lot of flies with
his mouth always hanging open.

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