Saturday, July 11, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #137)

A couple of exciting things happened this week. First, I bought some more sessions from my friend Matt (known 'round here as M. the Reasonable), because he's left the gym and is much more affordable, and because I've missed having someone to really hold me accountable to a high standard. Plus, he's just fun. :)

Second, Dad took Mom and I to the Castle Air Museum, and I finally got to see two planes up close and personal that I hadn't really been around before--a B-17 Stratofortress, and the B-52, which Dad flew in.

It was a good week.


All the way across the house, I could hear Bella calling out,
celebrating her fresh kill. 

Good hunting deserves good belly rubs.

I would hope that anyone aspiring to be a personal trainer
already knows this...

USA! USA! I don't often watch soccer, but this game was
exciting, and I'm proud of the US Women's team!

Thanks to a rain delay, I had to stay up late for NASCAR. It
was worth it, though, 'cause this guy won.

I went to Sports Authority after the gym. The five-pound
kettlebell was SO cute! (Mine is 25 pounds.)

This was why I went to Sports Authority. I wanted an agility
ladder. As I would later lament to Matt (and he agreed),
CPT certification means wanting ALL THE TOYS!!!

Mom's hibiscus plant is doing well.

Tiny praying mantis. That's mom's thumb.

I played with my new ladder, then rested on the glider.

I have lived this, actually. 

The US Women's big win inspired me to watch a favorite.


Turns out that doing a bunch of Ali Shuffles and then neglecting
the stretching/rolling routine is NOT smart. So I rolled.

And I stretched. Then I went to Matt's and he helped me stretch
some more and I nearly cried from the pain. But in the end,
I felt better. :P 

Dad asked my opinion--which hat should he wear to the air
museum? We chose the Strato Fortress hat.

Cuddles with Bella. 

Yes, that is a skunk outside in broad daylight.

Light reading in the car.

Sign pic along the way.

This is an SR-71. My dad's friend Barry flew in these.

This is a B-17. I love these. See, in 7th/8th grade, I was
obsessed with a movie called "Memphis Belle," about a B-17
crew. This aircraft was largely responsible for helping to beat

The waist gunner position.

Tail gunner.

Ball turret gunner

This was my first time seeing one of these in person, and it was

Beautifully restored.

The B-24M Liberator, also widely used in WWII.

KC-97-L Stratofreighter, used to refuel other planes in midair.

Boeing B-50D Superfortress

This...this is the B-52. I knew they were big,

There's a small window above the number. Dad sat a couple
feet behind that window.

Most planes only have landing gears on the fuselage, but the
B-52 has wing gears because when fully fueled, the wings are
too heavy.


Selfie with the BUFF.

F-4 Thunderbird

The bomb bay of a B-36 Peacemaker. "Peacemaker" is an
interesting name for the first nuclear bomber.

The rest of the B-36
SA-16B Albatross. This one, obviously, was amphibious. 

Cute. :) 

The smaller fighter wasn't as close to the B-52 as it appears
in this pic. Gives you some size perspective.

I had to walk waaaay back to get a full shot of the BUFF.
Growing up, Dad always told me BUFF stood for Big Ugly
Fat Fellow. I learned later that the second F is actually
something else. Ha.

A vet taking a break in the shade to check his phone.

Another snot of the B-17.

The indoor part of the museum has a B-52 cockpit you can
peer into.

Behind glass, the set-up my Dad would have sat at as an
Electronic Warfare Officer.

In the gift shop.

So of course I bought a duck. I named him Colonel Swimmy
in honor of my dad.


Matchy-matchy running day.

I don't like to gym-shame, but this one (in an email from my
dad) was so funny. 

The Lincoln Post Office is the slowest everrrr. 

I went on a date on Thursday. It was okay. He was nice, but
I think my gung-ho running/fitness lifestyle may have
scared him.

We were supposed to eat here, but there were no tables
available, so we walked over to another place. 

It was a sprinkly morning, so I took some garden pics.

This was the funniest comment on a very stupid Buzzfeed

I had to see some Minions, of course.

And in 3-D.

I read an Amy Poehler interview this morning, and this
really resonated with me. I, too, stand on a chair and bang a
pan and scream and shout. Sometimes I'm told to be a lady.
Hell no.

Today was my rest day, so I walked 5.37 miles.

More garden loveliness. 

This is the life.


This coming week includes more workout fun with Matt, tea with Summer, a CPR class, and the real fun of my CPT course--printing out the flash cards and attempting the practice test.

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