Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #135)

It was not an easy week.

The week started off very well, and there were some really great moments, and moments of beauty, but overall, last week was, well, crappy.

Suaturday Night:

This is the last picture I ever took of Millie. I'm glad it was
this one. She was sitting on me, purring. Happy. Comfortable.


Sunflower opening

Duchess surveys her outdoor domain.

It was a Jane Austen kind of day.

Father's Day with Dad.

Figuring out my heart rate zones.

I made carrot fritters and they were delicious.

I stayed up way too late reading. 


I went for a long walk on Tuesday morning. I knew what was

Yeah, Tuesday sucked.

I have Harley's last collar, too. 

I reposted this was a recent one, and it makes me happy
to think that she was content, sitting in the garden, with me.


Hard to cry when the endorphins are doing their thing.

Went to Target for a bit of retail therapy and found this SO
offensive on so many levels.

We had the house painted.

Self care.

Found this tiny praying mantis on Mom's now-open sunflower.

Someone used our hanging teapot for a nest! 

Huge cricket


As soon as I was awake, Duchess came up to show me some

Throwing it back to the time I scaled Mt. Diablo. 

I had a good run on Thursday. 

I went to the Lincoln Library to study (and stay out of Ali's
way while she cleaned), but their wifi was down.

Tastes like summertime. 

As my fellow duck lady Amanda put it:
*looks down in horror*
This was "Dating Sucks, Part One" this week.

A toast to my baby girl.

Equality. Love Wins. That was a good moment in the week.


An InstaCollage of my girl. She really was a pretty and
sweet little cat.

My brother wasted no time sending me a sympathy card. Very

Dating Sucks, Part Two: This is my face when a dude is 20
minutes late with no explanation.

And this is my face when he's now 40 minutes late with no
explanation, or response to my "Hey, I'm at the bar. Orange

So at 7:40, I texted the "...?" He immediately started
responding. If you know you're going to be late, you text,
dude. He responded, "Shit Megan, I'm so sorry." But he
won't get a second chance.

The bar was near Charming Charlie, so the evening wasn't a
total bust! Two tops, two necklaces, all under $60.

And it was a lovely evening.

Here's to a better week this time around. I have a great adventure planned with Summer tomorrow.

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