Saturday, June 20, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #134)M

It's always a good week, when you're offered a job, you accept, and then sign the paperwork, get fingerprinted, and then jabbed with a needle (to make sure you don't have tuberculosis).

I can now officially enjoy my summer vacation.


Of course, the week started off on a CUTE note, when I had
the chance to help three quail chicks get home to their parents.

So tiny!!! 

I'm assuming (and hoping) that Mom and Dad were in those
bushes somewhere, waiting for their babies.

Wild hare, though I prefer to call them wabbits.

UGH. Why do I even run in the summer time when we have
racer snakes, king snakes (that's this one) and...eep...rattlers
in this area? 

Pretty colors

Mom got her beads out to make doo-dads for the garden. 

They're meant to keep the birds from eating her flowers.

Millie, getting some love from Dad.

Tired baby. She's doing better, though!

That book was really good, by the way.


Not making fun--just bemused that this lady covered all gym
equipment with big garbage bags before using.


A day or two later, Mom ate those red ones right off the vine. 

All correct, without looking at my book, just using my brain.

Coming soon to a Meg's Fancies near you! : P


Getting some garden time.

When you are friends with music educators.

Mom hosted Mexican train on Tuesday.


Papers signed! 

The district office for my new school is located at what used
to be McClellan Air Force Base, so I went to the Aerospace
Museum afterwards.

It's not a huge museum, but it's VERY well-done and I spent
more than an hour wandering around taking pictures.

I was glad they touched on women, and, in another part of the
museum, the Tuskegee Airmen.

Model of a rocket engine.

The little guy in red had just yelled, "MOM! I FOUND THE
BOMB HOLE!!!" leaving his friends amazed, while he ran
off to his next big discovery. Cute. : )

"How, when and where the USAF obtained it remains classified."

F-14 "Tomcat" -- like in Top Gun.

The business end of the F-14

"Happy Landings Flyboy." : )

They have a small memorial rose garden, which is very nice.

USAF Brat, retired. 

One ugly airplane. All those bulges house radar equipment.

Of COURSE I went in!

This particular plane served in D-Day. 

This type of helicopter, used for rescue missions in Vietnam,
is nicknamed the Jolly Green Giant.

My paper-signing appointment was early, so I went to the gym
after my museum trip.

Mom learned how to do fondant decorating. Dad and I got to
benefit from her education. 

Can you spot the cat?

I think she's gained an ounce or two back. She seems better
hydrated, and she's got a bit of her sassiness back. We go
back to Dr. Ann this week, so hoping the doc is happy!

I'd rather remember these names than the one of the racist
asshole who killed them. He's a homegrown terrorist, that's
all there is to it.

I got to a point in my day where I was falling asleep over this
stuff--but I really do find it interesting. 

Met Sarah for dinner and a drink. We chose a place in Roseville
called Ginger's because it's dog-friendly and she had to have
her dog with her.


This is why I Instagram. : P

Me and my girl...

This is what you get when you buy imitation M&Ms at Whole
Foods. They were pretty good, though.

More creativity.
Friday night goodness.

I did some reminiscing in a couple of old scrapbooks.

In 1992, Mom and I went to NYC with a group from my 8th
grade class. Within ten years, these buildings would be gone.


Mom boiled some chicken, so I gave Millie some of the stock.
She loves it. She loves actual chicken meat even more.

It was a Jane Austen kind of day. Later, I watched Sense
and Sensibility. 

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