Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #133)

The week started off tame enough, but quickly got wild. And, of course, it was all absolutely true.


Pulled out the hydration belt for my Sunday run.

Sweet, TIRED Millie. 

Or, you know, go to bed early because you ran this morning,
and you have the gym tomorrow.


I had a job interview on Monday. Didn't get that one, but that's
okay because as they described it, I wasn't feelin' it.

Catnip pillow naps.

Long hair, Snoopy pajamas.


When it's 75 at 7:00 in the morning, you know it's going to be
a hot one.


They were going to resurface our streets but had to postpone
it a week because it rained on Wednesday.

Learning all about the nervous system.


I did eight 20-second intervals of Bear Crawls and pretty much
wanted to collapse.

RAIN!! It wasn't a lot, but it drizzled all day and soaked into
the ground nicely.

I rearranged some books (to make room for MORE) and ended
up putting some favorite books by women in a place of honor.

New mouse pad. :)


The first of three--THREE--interviews on Thursday. K-8 music.

Some wait time between appointments at Barnes and Noble.

Second interview, at a school named for John Adams.

After the third interview, SO happy to be done...but also
really nervous because...

...this sweet baby had a vet appointment. She's lost a TON of
weight, and slowed down some.

This is Rigatoni, office cat at Stirling Point Veterinary Clinic.
He's gorgeous, and his name. His name!!! (They call him

HOORAY!!! An overactive thyroid is very treatable. 

Ms. Millie was worn out from her vet trip, but she and I both
were so happy to relax at home together.


May all your weeds be wildflowers.

I walked around the golf course. While out, the vet called
with the results from Millie's blood test and urinalysis.

Instead of going to the gym, I did my kettlebell routine in the

Workout buddy.

Later, I went to pick up Millie's pills. She'll take two a day
for the rest of her life. 

Mom and Dad entertained on Friday night. I helped Mom with
all the prep. She was worried we might not have enough food.

We had MORE than enough food!!!

I made these. The tomatoes are from a farmers market and they
explode in your mouth. SO good.

Cream Cheese Veggie Pizza.

Cheeeeeeese. Yum.

Table decor.

Wine and cookies...


Saturday was rest day anyway (no workouts) but holy cow,
the week hit me like a brick wall. I took a three-hour nap.


Pink thyroid pill with a Greenie chaser. She pouted about the
pill and refused the Greenie, so Duchess swooped in and
inhaled it. 
The really good news is that Millie is taking her pills pretty well. She doesn't like it, but I'm determined to get her to associate Pill Time with a little treat. She's pretty cooperative for the most part, and while of course I'm not seeing the effects just yet, I see that spark of spirit this cat is known for, and I know the pills are going to help. In a couple weeks, we go back to the vet for a progress check, and I hope to see some weight gain, however small.

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