Friday, June 05, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #132)

My first full week of summer vacation...and it was grand. I'm going to put tomorrow (Saturday) in a separate post because I have an adventure with Summer planned. : )


Grocery shopping

Lunch was pretty. The cucumbers have turkey and vegetarian
cheese between them.

Mom brought this from Bulgaria. 

So on Sunday, I finally read the card my kids gave me.

I didn't cry, but it was close.

Maliha was so quiet all semester. I had no idea she was having
so much fun...I'm glad. 


New workout plan for June. 

On Monday, I visited the Roseville Library.

...and I started studying. :)

Saw this in the boys section at Target and an XL might
*almost* fit...except that I have breasts.

My new toy. I loved my little Zip, but this one has a heart rate

Took my new shoes out for a walk.

Mom said I look like Pippi Longstocking.

My first run in several weeks...fueled by Gu.

Later in the day, I had to brake for this adorable quail family.
They were darling.

I went to Folsom Library on Tuesday.

In front of the library is this war memorial. The huge stone was
my dad's work. The rest was added later. I loved the simplicity
of the old stone, but still find the update nice, too.

After the library, I went to the zoo. : )

This is why I love and forever support this zoo.

Most of the animals are native wildlife but the zoo has a few
residents, like these macaques, that were confiscated pets.



Golden Eagles

Hard to see, but that's a peacock, a peahen, and several

Oh, deer. It was warm out.

Peahen and peachicks.


Black Bear

There's a mountain lion napping up there.

People can be awful.

More adventures in clumsy braiding.

Wednesday was National Running Day, so I showed off my
5K bibs.

Got good and sweaty at the gym. 

This is Wednesdays for the month of June. Brutal!

I got the last available bike. Not two minutes later, this lady
walked up, said to the man on the bike next to me, "All the
bikes are taken!!" with a definite whine to it, and glared at me
I'm not movin', sweetheart.

LOVE my new FitBit.

Also LOVE my new glasses.
Possibly the only Juice Couture item I will ever own. 

"Are you awake? Hmm?" 

My fastest mile in over a year--distance training made me slow

Beautiful butterfly in the garden.

It was Hug Your Cat Day. That's every day, around here.

Tired legs.


Dude was man-spreading, gym-style.

Kettlebell Friday.


Happy Doughnut Day. : )

We went to a local nursery, and it is SO photogenic.

Rock Rabbit or Wock Wabbit?

They also have little specialty shops--our purpose today was
vinegar and olive oil.

This shop was a lot of fun.

The nursery has a cat. It wasn't very friendly, but I tried to
befriend it anyway.

Glass flowers.

All that was left of my doughnut.
It started with clouds and wind. Then thunder and lightening.

Finally, RAIN. With blue sky. Which means...

Rainbow! It was all very short-lived, but every drop of rain
on this state is a blessing.

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