Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #128)

I spent some extra time in the car this week, for various reasons. I find myself dragging, big-time, today.


Some Sundays call for whole wheat waffles cooked in the
Peanuts waffle iron.

Duchess had to have a "bum bath" to deal with a rather stinky
problem she sometimes gets, having long hair. 

Yes, more garden pics. It's just so gorgeous!

I'm letting Millie have garden time every few days or so.
She loves it, and she's getting old, so she doesn't really go far.

She pretty quickly settles in for a nap.

I was tempted...but I didn't. 


My new Monday routine for the month of May.

190 pounds on the leg press. My goal is 200.

I love those ridiculous earrings. 

Coming soon!

Pretty girl.


I subbed for a colleague and read this story with the class. The
figurative language went overboard.

I found myself in Auburn on Tuesday afternoon. 

Mom's hydrangeas have been teasing us for ages. Now they're

I see a lot of wildlife in this neighborhood. Here, a teeny, tiny
dead mousie. :(

Buffalo socks.


New Wednesday routine. It is appropriately brutal. 

I found myself near the Aerospace Museum of California.


I tried the new S'mores Frappuccino. It was good, but it's
not going to be my go-to. Very sweet.

My text book arrived and I'm sooo excited.

Fuzzy buns (and clean!!) on my bed.


We had some brief but heavy rain on Thursday. Glorious!

By afternoon, it was sunny again. I wandered around downtown
Lincoln while getting my car smog-tested.

Oh, Lincoln.

I just loved the colors.

Kylie Jenner's lips were trending again on Thursday. Turns
out she had them enhanced (of course). These lips are
entirely real.

Hadn't used this in a while. 

Feeling cute on a Friday.

Dress rehearsal. I had to be late so it was fun to hear a bit
of music from the audience for a chance. 

Soprano at break time.


Duchess, rolling in my dirty laundry.

Bella, relaxing.

Millie, always a blur because she'd rather be worshiped
than photographed. 

Prom pictures at the State Capitol.

A Soprano crosses Capitol Park on her way to dress rehearsal.

Don, gracing the side of the Community Center Theater.

Setting up.

The red lipstick has become a staple. 

Back stage.

Fly system.

Love this.

At intermission, my hair was a bit flat from sweat, but my
lipstick was still going strong.

After the show, I had a drink with a fellow singer and his
wife, absolutely lovely people. 

Just going to add this pic, a professional shot by SCSO's official photographer, Ronnie Johnson, to show that what looks like a ton of makeup actually looks quite normal under stage lights, and from a distance.

Left side of the pic, second row. 

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