Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #122)

As we move in to April, I get one glorious week off...and then things get crazy for a while. It's already starting.


Tuna Time is very important 'round here.

I made a ton of waffles and then ate them all week for

So cute!

Who else is this chipper at 7:00 on a Sunday morning? 

Out with the old plan (half marathon), in with the new (faster
5K time).

I stared at my closet on Sunday thinking, "I have nothing to

I got back to the weight-lifting this week.

Monday Selfie, just 'cause.

My kids totally get it.

Mom's new project. 

When your hair won't cooperate.

When you're glad you just sing, instead of playing piano, for
this one.

As opposed to ignoring the music?

"Bedtime? We cuddle." 


New skirt. : )

My kids love this song. I love this song. So much love for
this song.

The Spring Musical (Guys and Dolls) is coming together...

Out comes the clarinet again. 

This made me laugh. I follow "Shakespeare" on Twitter.


We did an improv game in choir on Wednesday. They have
trouble expressing the music sometimes.

Ten minutes before class and the teacher doesn't want to move
from her chair.


Last night, you were insulting me, dude.


Lynn leading the orchestra.

I got home BEFORE the sun went all the way down. 


Sunshine girls.

While getting ready for work, I hit a high C#. Rare note for me
I hit it again that evening, with witnesses. 

Happy Birthday, Frappuccino! 

No rush, Mr. and Mrs. Goose. No rush at all...

This is the props shelf for the musical. Yes, that is an empty
Marlboro box.

Kyle (drama teacher) and David (music director) hamming it
up at the piano.

Let's do this.

The score is so messy. 


"Why do you have to go to work all the time?!"

Selfie with my girl before leaving.

The last day before Spring Break means movie. Usually I
work in my office while the kids watch, but they were
appalled I'd never seen Mulan before, so I dragged out my
beanbag chair and watched it.

After work, some wine. : )

I love California for many reasons, but near the top of the list
is avocados.

Makeup off, hair down, wearing pajamas...let Spring Break

Mom spent time working in the garden on Friday. This new
rose is in honor of my dear Little Dude, Harley.

I didn't Instagram this, just took a cool panorama.

A gardener I am not.

We party hard around here. By 7:45 I was drinking tea and
watching NASA TV.

"What is this sleeping in? It's Caturday, woman!"

"Looooovvvve meeeeeeeee...."

I was dusting and admiring how cute my room is.

Millie wouldn't stop head-butting Harley's old collar. She
remembers him, 

A lot of good memories. You can see teeth marks on the name
tag--he used to chew on it.

Mom and I went on a movie date this afternoon. It was just
as good as the first!


A pretty poppy outside the theater.

We found a broken bird egg in the front yard. : (

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