Saturday, March 07, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #119)

I got a bit Insta-obsessed this week. There was nothing particularly amazing happening, but I photographed it all nonetheless.


Actually, this was amazing. I ran fourteen-and-a-half miles.

These legs are pretty damned amazing.

The long run left me with just enough energy to work on a
puzzle with Mom...

...and put up some St. Pattie's decorations.

Hot bath, candles, wine. YES. 

All this the day after a super-long run. 

Wore my Keane hoodie.

Good hair day.

Just a selfie with Millie.

It was much better in person.

I wear leggings as pants. And I'm in love with these ballet
flats. And I sit on the ground because HOLY TIRED LEGS.

You might be a runner...

Jim, our awesome Sac Choral president.

Day two that I didn't have to report. 

My fashion was on point on Tuesday.

Long run on the weekend? Foam roll EVERY DAY for the
rest of the week.




My choir room tree is budding.

I got flowers from a band mom. 

Another day, another call...and DONE! No jury for me!

I went on a coffee date in the brick building, which used to
house Stamp Mania. I worked at Stamp Mania in high school
and college.

Dorothea's has been in Folsom for ages. This was snapped
just before I met the dude...who ended up looking nothing
like his pictures. I mean, his pics are probably a good 5-6 years

Earlier in the day, a Target trip yielded a ton of new Snoopy

Bella loves her mama.

Another bath, this time with bubbles that have Epsom salt.


Yes, it makes music and fart sounds. Yes, it is terrible. And
yes, it is PERFECT for my brother.

This week was a spirit week at school. Thursday was Rock
Star Vs. Hippie. I chose rock star, teased my hair, and wore
a Keane shirt with skinny jeans and boots. Even my kids thought
I looked cute.

Crowded Starbuck's/Jamba Juice parking lot? Go ahead, park
like an asshole.

On my way home, I took a few back roads in Loomis and
Penryn. It was a gorgeous day and Spring is springing.

So. Excited. Dad was excited to finally delete the 8 first
episodes from the DVR.

"Read me a bedtime story!"


Getting faster and stronger every day!

Green. Lots of green.

Tea in my favorite mug = happy Friday.

Flat cat.

Friday was Dad's birthday. He chose Turkish food for dinner.
Mom and I did not complain. It is sooooo good.

We all had a cup of Chai tea.

Birthday cake, made by Mom. 

Purring me to sleep. Yes, that t-shirt has Snoopy, and was
part of Wednesday's haul.


She also purred me awake.

I tried some spendy new eye makeup today, and was well
pleased with the results. It lasted all day, too.

Sign pic.

I met Summer for lunch. She was in town for a conference,
and I was in Sacramento for a solo singing festival two of
my girls were singing in.

Butternut squash soup, apple and goat cheese salad, and
sourdough. Oh, glorious sourdough.

Pretty flowers at Sac State.

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