Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #112)

No particular craziness this week, just a general sense of getting stuff done.


First time I've needed my hydration belt since the Urban Cow.
I did 6.5 miles.

Paused mid-run to get a very bad pic of a bird.

After the run, feeling smug.


So. Much. Water. The blue bottle goes to the gym and in the
car with me. The teal one stays at school with my Brita

So. Much. Music. And that's awesome. 

We had a minimum day on Monday, so I went home and got
some stuff done, even though Millie tried to get me to relax.

The Cat Who Can't Sit Still.

Went back to the LSHS for Back to School Night and found
that I'd managed to commit poinsettia-cide.


Tuesday was foggy. That's the sun.

Very foggy.

It was also National Rubber Duck Day (maybe International)
so Cali Swimmy rode shotgun all day.

He helped with my lesson planning...

...and kept me company in the office.

Then he did some sprints with me. Well, he watched, anyway.

I even ran the bleachers. 

Recreating last week's "Grizzly Fierce" photo, but this time,
with a duck on my head.


Furby isn't spoiled, at all.

Lesson planning with a Furby on my lap.

She gets a bit anxious when Lynn leaves her in the office. She
knows Lynn is in that other room.

I had to stop by the mall for the Apple store, and I had to walk
by Tiffany. Oh, Lord, what a gorgeous necklace.

I was in and out of the Apple store in five minutes. Service!


I managed technology, and I'm so proud.

Those little black spots are birds.

Not bad for an afternoon run! I added some distance to my
thirty minute run.


Rain!! Barely. but a little.

Surprisingly good hair day for someone who last got a trim
in...August? Yeah, I think August.

I took this SHOEBOX full of clips to the office, and they
were happy to get them. 

I sometimes stay late on Friday to get stuff done, and it's so
nice. Look at that clean desk!



Started off my Saturday with Millie sucking on my blanket.

"We cuddle?"

Foggy again today.

Millie showing off her octopus hat.

I made cashew butternut squash soup tonight. It was amazing.
You should make it, too. Here's the recipe

Comparing apples and oranges.

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