Saturday, January 03, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #110)

My last lazy week before going back to work...but I admit, I'm ready for the craziness to resume!


Found this on last Saturday's Napa Valley adventure with
Summer. Perfect, no?

Random tree pics.

The theme this week was ORGANIZE. Starting with a new
shoe rack to replace the hanging rack, giving me more room
for my clothing.

We took all Christmas stuff down on Sunday. 

While we worked...

I love those little feet. And that little chin. And the little
tooth that sticks out.

Change in positions.

On Monday I woke up at 12:45. Millie kept me company.

After the gym, I went to my storage unit and put all those
dead lifts I've done to good use moving heavy boxes around.

I have a lot of stuff. 

My huge suitcase is in the unit, and it still has this address on

I did a "Year In Selfies" Instacollage. The ones across the
top and bottom, in order, are the 12 months in chronological

Finally got around to seeing Mockingjay on Monday.

Not sure how I feel about this.

Tiny theater.

Gratuitous selfie.


I had piano lessons near school, so I stopped by to see my
naked classroom. The drama teacher is borrowing my risers.

After lessons, I went shopping, and (among other things)
bought myself leg warmers. 

My NYE plans.

The cats' NYE plans.

In the end I went for comfort, and I'm glad because it was cold
and ASR's floor was treacherous, after midnight.

Red. Lots of red.

Within 10 minutes, we saw some lady doing a duck-face
selfie. OUR duck-face selfie was totally ironic, of course.

Sparkle rings! ASR gave out fun favors.

This dude was pretty much leaning on me while flirting with
his date. I found it hilarious.

Leah and Sarah, and some grumpy dude.

The place was CROWDED.

Feeling short. 

Happy New Year!!!

Being short is hazardous on the dance floor. This was shortly
after an elbow came down on my head.

Showered, pajama'd, tucked into bed with a purring cat. I
suppose technically this pic counts as Thursday?

I got up at the obscenely late hour of 10:30 (I NEVER sleep
that late anymore), then wandered around watching Dad
do some pruning in the garden.

Mom and I watched an excellent movie--Belle. 

Mom made a soup with black-eyed peas for dinner. Good
luck in the new year!

I liked it. It wasn't GREAT, but I enjoyed it. I do love me
some Sondheim music.

What I didn't like: the obnoxious child behind me asking
what was going on through the whole movie, and the mother
who let her. Or the couple to my left who chatted and joked
throughout the movie because WHO COULD POSSIBLY

I considered wearing my new leg warmers to bed.

This is Beale Air Force Base. Most of it is largely unexciting. 

The SR-71 is retired now, but used to be based at Beale.

Ahh, grocery shopping.

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