Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #107)TwO

To call this week "crazy," or even Wild and Absolutely True, would be a massive understatement.

At least it was a good week. ; )


I went for a run, and passed this house on my way home. They
do this every year. 

Fall color...while it lasted.



I spent some time on Sunday making these for a cookie
exchange Mom and I attended today--they froze well all week.

Green dough.

The cinnamon imperials represent the Grinch's two-sizes-too-
small heart.


The tree outside my choir room was on fire for but a moment.

A nasty infection sent me running to Kaiser on Monday.

Mom and Dad have hired a house cleaner. Monday was her
first visit, and the floors have never looked so amazing.

Pretty morning sky.

The Large Suburban High School put on "Every 15 Minutes"
on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Every 15 minutes throughout the day, a student was pulled
out of class, and a tombstone added. 

The Living Dead and the Grim Reaper arrived at the crash

Several hundred teenagers in bleachers, went eerily
quiet when those tarps were pulled off.

This is, of course, all simulated. The victims are all students,
and local police, fire, and paramedics respond and treat it
like a real crash scene.

The boy in the Hawaiian shirt was the "drunk driver." He was
arrested and taken in for booking--they go through everything
as though it's real, and our media kids filmed it all.

A CHP helicopter arrives to airlift an injured student.

Two of our assistant principals came out to leave a black rose
and read an obituary for a fatality of the crash.


After such and emotional day, tea was welcome.

The tree is pretty much bald now.

The art of cat massage.

I love this picture.


Fortunately, the storm was not as bad--here--as it could have
been, but we did have a lot of wind blowing leaves in.

And we got a GOOD dumping of rain. 

Cali Swimmy (along with me for the day to give me luck
in my Winter Concert) loved it, of course.

Only after I took the pic did I notice one of my freshmen had
"dusted" for me.

The stage was set...

Our candy canes were ready...

...and my hair looked good.

The first half was great; the second half was great.

Some sunshine on Friday morning.

It was Furby Friday again. Lynn had to go to the office, so I
got to babysit. I love Furby Friday. 

I was quoted in the school paper. : )

Trading out comfy socks for concert shoes. I moved a baby
grand by myself in those shoes, because I rock like that.

My kids gave me flowers. They're the best.

Done!! Cali and I were so ready to get home.

Off to the Christmas Cookie exchange

Outside of Lincoln, the rural areas are quite lovely.

The cookie exchange is always a lot of fun (and a lot of sugar!).

Champagne and cookies.

Harriet's house is gorgeous.

Huge old oak tree.

I found the sweater at Target yesterday. 

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