Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #104)

With #104, this makes two years of Week in Instagram posts. This week was The Last Week Before Vacation, and I now get A Whole Week Off for Thanksgiving. Life is good, my friends.


A little pampering on a Sunday.

Fresh-faced, pajama'd, and cuddling with a cat.

Mom made beer bread.

I made pumpkin soup.


November, and Mom's roses are still going strong.


Getting good pics of Millie is difficult.

But oh, how I love this face.

For the first time in a long time, I ran in the afternoon.

The clouds were moving in, but it was another day or two
before we got rain.

Mom hosted her train group.

More cuddle selfies.


Furby started barking when Lynn went outside with the band,
so I put her on my lap for some Furby Time.

I've been telling my kids about this pic for ages--it made Sac
Choral's blooper reel a while back. But that is a damned good
"Ooh" vowel. Just sayin'.

A new milestone for RoPro.


Foggy morning at the Large Suburban High School.

Rainy afternoon at the Large Suburban High School.

Quality time at the tire shop. I had picked up a nail.

"If I hold on to your purse, you can't leave, right?"


It was a foggy/sunny morning, all in one, and very eerie. 

SO happy to find my keys on Friday morning.

The same tree featured in last week's post--I'm slowly watching
it turn red.


No pics. I spent my day making confetti and watching Harry Potter movies.

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