Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #103)

It's finally starting to look like fall around here. In this part of California, Autumn lasts for about a week between Really Hot and what passes for winter in these parts. So I like to catch it as much as possible.


The Niners have been giving me indigestion all season.

Mom gave up on the game and ran some errands. I texted
her updates.


I felt kinda cute on Monday. 

I stayed late to update and submit my mid-quarter grades,
which were due on Wednesday for progress reports. Tuesday
was a holiday, so I wanted grades finished.

Flags flying everywhere in our neighborhood. : )

I went for a nice walk that morning.

Later I went to the ceremony my dad's Veterans Group holds
each year.

Dad gave a really great speech (the one I blogged on Tuesday)
and Mom and I were bursting our buttons with pride.

Dad's Air Force bling.

Some cuddle action with this character.

But who's counting?

I cleaned out my file drawer and found this--which goes back
to my credential classes, 13 years ago. The language is the
same, but the acronyms have changed. So it goes.

Only my hometown would put an ice skating rink around a
Gold Rush era railroad turntable.

I was meeting my friend Meghan for dinner--we'd decided on
The Fat Rabbit but when she mentioned walking by Hop
Sing Palace we both decided Chinese sounded better.

Another selfie, 'cause why not?

My fellow Keane fans will get the reference. (They have a
song called "Staring At the Ceiling.")


This tree is right outside the choir room. It's finally turning.

I'll be gone on Monday (observing another choir director), so
I left this note for my kids.

Friday Night Lights. We are in the playoffs.

I volunteered for duty because all teachers have to do a certain
amount each year, and an upcoming event I was supposed
to work got cancelled. They'd find me for something, so I
figured I'd volunteer. It was cold. Very cold.


Mom and I went to a craft fair in Lincoln. 

Some people are so amazingly talented.

Others are...very creative. 

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