Sunday, November 02, 2014

My Week In Instagram (Week #101)

Another busy, busy week, culminating in the madness that is Halloween. I had an early, kinda stressful start to the day (field trip), so I was in bed by 8:00 on Friday night.


I started a box for canned goods. I hope to fill it by Thankgiving
and take it to the local food bank. The point is to buy 2-3 cans
every time I shop. Mom is helping, too. : )

It's the Mini Pumpkin, Cali Swimmy!

Voting by mail, and voting early. It counts!!

Watching baseball. I have no idea what is
going on, but Go Giants!!

Pumpkin Head.

Love this outfit. Skirt and sweater: Old Navy. Boots: Steve
Madden Girl. Jewelry--random, below...

Fall colors.

Starting Christmas music before Halloween. The Choir Life.

Hard to see, but that is a massive bruise
from getting blood drawn. It's STILL there.
Good news: all tests came back normal. :)

I'm going to make my kids do some Gregorian Chant. 

On Tuesday, I bought my Halloween costume.

This hint probably gave it away.

Also on Tuesday, I got bored and tried to train Millie to ride
around on my shoulder. It did not go well. 

Then I helped her take a selfie. 

Duchess sat on my bed and worried that she'd be next, but
no worries, Duckie. You're too heavy to ride on my shoulder.

On Wednesday we all got stuck indoors for about 40 minutes.
This is how I listen to Gregorian Chant while the marching
band practices next door. I totally don't mind. 

Club picture day for the yearbook. 

Found this outside the band and choir rooms. So cute!

On Thursday, I wore my Snoopy Zombie t-shirt. Because of


The Cat In the Hat is back! I printed the fishbowl image out,
mounted it to some card stock, and made a simple handle on the
back. I had a tail pinned to my leggings, and I bought the most
uncomfortable cat mask ever. The leg warmers were the biggest
hit. I got a ton of compliments all day.

Cali Swimmy got into the spirit, too. 


He didn't win the Breeder's Cup, but California Chrome is
still an amazing horse. 

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