Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #99)

It was Homecoming Week, so things got very spirited. We had an all-day teacher training on Wednesday, Bonfire Night on Thursday, and the craziness of Friday. I'm exhausted!! (But in a good way.)


Hey, that's where *I* sit!!


Dachshund pajama pants for Pajama Day.

I took some fall decorations in to put on my desk. : )

The marching band played at lunchtime. 


Our school paper is very well-done. The kids cover really
great issues.

So much going on.

I don't usually order race pictures, but this one is too awesome.
That's me, at the finish of the Urban Cow.

Technology training, using my district-issued iPad mini.

Her breath is awful, but I love her so.


The staff had two teams for spirit week, Team Green and
Team Black. Guess who's a co-captain on Team Green?

I've been struggling a little lately. Being really hard on myself,
etc. I might actually speak to my doctor about it. But in the
meantime, I can leave Post-Its for myself.

One of my piano students is on Student Government, and
she asked me to judge Homecoming Floats. The theme was
Life Is A Highway.

The seniors chose Highway 15, which leads to Las Vegas.

They had working fountains!

The Juniors chose Rainbow Road from the MarioKart game.
The boxes were spinning, and the turtle shell moving.

The sophomores chose Highway 101, highlighting three of its
cooler stops. The trolley moved back and forth, and the bridge
prompted our student government teacher to say, "I might need
to make a height limit next year..."

The freshmen chose the Road to Hana, and put together a cute
float with water in the waterfall. 

Before judging, I had gone to Krispy Kreme (more on THAT
fiasco in another post) to pick up 25 dozen donuts. Yes,
25 dozen.

I was the first customer, before we even left the choir room.

I had some down time to Team Greenify my nails.

And put my feet up.

The marching band put on their show at the Bonfire Rally.

Choir sold donuts again.

The fire department hates this evening, but they gamely
let us do it, and they're on standby with a truck. 

The Homecoming Royalty rally. Here's the Varsity team
getting pumped up.

And our Grizzly mascot giving out t-shirts.

The ever-popular gender-bending cheer routine. The guys
who did stunts looked so pleased with themselves.

I spent a few hours after school doing some organizing and
music-filing. My desk looks great. That clipboard is my
music library stuff. I have kids who can finish that. : )

My domain. 

Some new additions to the wall.

My next-door neighbors, a 150-member marching band.

Nice to be mentioned in the program!

Dad and I had a date to the local air show.

It was small, but fun to look at the different planes.

Stunt flier going vertical. 

Model planes.

Helicopter ambulance.

Daddy-Daughter Selfie
Tonight I'm going to see the band compete at a local high school. My alma mater, Folsom, will also be there. The coming week looks a little less crazy, but knowing me, it will be just as busy!

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