Saturday, October 04, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #97)

It was a Very Busy Week, with a lot of things to make me feel stressed. But I managed. And it was good.

Tomorrow, I run a half marathon. God help me.


The Niners managed to eke out a win. Cali Swimmy was

Clouds moving out. Another hot week.

Birds on the feeder. I call this Doug's Diner. He's very good
to his birds.


As a birthday present, it was late, yes. But it arrived at such
a perfect time, all the way from England, and it included
gummy meerkats. Meerkats!!!

If you have to get a filling, might as well treat yourself.

This is how I feel about getting a filling. Fortunately, it was
a completely pain-free experience, even after the Novocaine
wore off.

I Instagrammed the "follow us on Instagram" sign at my
dentist's office.

Student Government is awesome. The little gifts they give
all teachers are day-brighteners. 

After our dress rehearsal, this is how my desk looked. I left it
like that (except the duck came home with me) and went home
to sleep.


Got my Safe Space sticker from the GSA at school. 

A small group of kids worked three different Fridays to make
decorations for the lobby. So awesome. 

I put my posters out. I spoke to one student's grandfather,
an Air Force veteran, who loved the posters, loved the theme,
and loved watching his grandson rap in one song. : )

Walking through the band room...

Tired, nervous, hyperactive, emotional...but face is painted and
this choir director is ready.

Another field trip! This week, for the Women's Choral Festival.
I had a whopping ONE girl able to go. But it was worth it.

This is my girl, with Don Kendrick looking over her shoulder
at the music. Cute!

The final performance. 400 women. It was beautiful. 

We drove up to Wheatland to see a pumpkin farm today. It
was really cute. We didn't stay long, but I took a ton of

Shopping carts! 

There were a lot of "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
jokes out of these puppets.

Spot the Meg.

Clydesdale mare.

Yes, we did.
Yes, it was (delicious).

Tonight, I'm getting ready for...eeek! The Urban Cow
Half Marathon. I'll be up before the sun, hydrating and
driving to Sacramento. I figure it will take me about 3 hours.
Hydration will be key. Wish me luck!

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