Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #100)

Wow, I've reached triple digits!

After the most recent post, need I even try describing this week?


My first run in two weeks. It was wonderful.

First batch of homemade cranberry sauce this fall. The berries
are still early, but it was lovely.


My colleague and office-mate, Lynn, rescued a 10-year-old
Pomeranian/Pekingese mix named Furby. She brought her in
on Monday.

Furby is so cute it borders on ridiculous.

Rain? Please? Alas, we didn't get any.


On Tuesday, I framed my race bib and finish photo.

Lynn and Furby, getting some band work done.


Early start on Wednesday means an extra-early trip to the gym.

My outfit was on point.

I love English teachers.

Piano teachers can be witty, too. ; )

I'm finally in Book 5, so I bought 6 and 7.

Wednesday evening--Indian food with Sarah. Delicious.

Stripes and polka dots. THE look this Fall. 


Another on-point outfit.

I love my Steve Madden boots.

And I love this face even more.


Yay. Pink eye.

Student government gave me a Starbucks card for doing
something that was 1) totally fun and that 2) I was flattered
to be asked to do.

Furby Friday in the music office. She really is ridiculous.


The bowtie is a joke with some friends. My cousin Mer said,
"He looks like Bill Nye the Science Guy!"

Technically, this is where *I* sit, but it seemed mean to move

So I watched her little nose and whiskers twitch for a moment
before leaving to pick up some prescription eye drops.

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