Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #96)W

Let's just say that I have a lot of stuff to ponder and worry about right now (a concert, a half marathon, a filling--ugh, etc. etc. etc.) I might just be freaking out a little.


At least it wasn't HOT on Sunday for my long run.

10.6 miles done--my last long run before the Urban Cow.
And yeah. I am so not feeling ready for that.

"I will massage your quads if you'll let me cuddle you for the
next two hours..."

Monday selfie. I got some new foundation and I love it.
Though this pic is a little washed-out.

I created a poster! Not bad for someone who is good with
music, not design.

Student government is sweet (and early!). Sadly, the poster
is now gone.

Why? No, really, WHY?!

Lynn got pranked by her tuba section.

The Maestro.

Index cards for my upcoming show.

I love M&Ms, especially the green ones. And people with
M names. ; )

Our polo shirts and hoodies were finally ready this week.

Music pizza in piano lab. 

On Wednesday night, I used my new mineral soak, and it was

So...I've started playing with LEGOs to combat stress. More
further down in this post.

RAIN!!! We got a really nice dumping of rain on Thursday,
and it lifted everyone's spirits. The drought has been so

Organized AND stylish. That's me.

New staff gear.

Sunrise over the marching band.

I drove this big green monster (a school van) to Sac State so
my boys could attend Real Men Sing.

340 young men gathered to sing together. It was awesome.

Only two came from my school, but they really enjoyed it. It
was worth the time and the effort of wrestling the Big Green
Monster down the freeway. 

A mom from another school in my district had THIS awesome
little fighter with her. This is Maggie. Seven days old, found
still in her placenta, no mama, no siblings.

She's gained half an ounce in her first week (very good), and
has a lot of fight in her. Go Maggie!

During the informal performance at the end
of the day.

The Women's Choral Festival is this week.
More wrestling the Big Green Monster.

On Friday evening, Mom and Dad hosted their wine group.

Mom decked the place out...

The spread was incredible.


So I've been craving LEGOs. And today I rewarded myself
for getting a lot done this last week by buying this.

And I spent about an hour this afternoon
building it.

I have absolutely no feelings of shame about this. It was
relaxing, and who cares if I'm 36 and playing with LEGOs?
I'll likely donate them to charity.

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