Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #94)

This week was brought to you by the letter P...for pee and potatoes.


Sunday Runday

That's Dad's car, coming to my rescue to get me home
so I wouldn't wet my pants post-run.

Pretty baby.

Touchdown, Niners!

In love with these earrings. 

Sarcasm is so effective sometimes. 

Back to Sac Choral! It was good to be among my people again.

I left for my run while it was still dark out.

Full moon over the Sacramento Valley.

Sun's up!

It was a Take Your Duck To Work kind of day.

Our school has an excellent team of kids who take care of
all computer stuff. 

Having those tables next to each other...? 

The guitar class is learning this. The name made me giggle.

School-issue iPad Mini! It's awesome.


Lunch on Thursday. Ha.

An after school fire alarm (prank pull) found me out
in the stadium.

Heh. I know a lot of musicians become doctors...

Thursday Night Torbie Time.

Feline Yoga

Got to school super-early to get my potatoes cooking.

Turns out that two hours on high is enough.

Washed potatoes, ready for the microwave.

Another teacher brought chili, so I had a chili potato. Yum.

Successful Staff Potluck, and the potato bar idea was all mine!

Summer and I visited Wine Country.

Downtown Sonoma

Morton Warm Springs

Olives, cheese, grapes. chocolate. Wine country picnic! 

The tiny town of Glen Ellen. 

In the hilly part around the valley.

Stopping at the olive oil store in St. Helena.

We drove through Downton Napa to see some of the
damage from the recent earthquake.

The next few weeks promise to be madcap. I've got evaluations, a concert, and a half to prepare for. Bring it on.

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