Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #91)

I started off with so much energy, and ended the week sprawled on my bed, feeling sorry for myself with a cold.


Post-run lounging (butt up against a picnic table). My
Brooks are treating me well. 

Ten miles, still smiling!

Drove into Lincoln on and errand and got up close
and personal with a train.

Mom is working on this gorgeous afghan. 


Mom bought me the first piece of orange clothing I can
remember owning in my life. I got a lot of compliments. 

I made a rubric for piano lab tests. Exciting...

My birthday flowers from Lindsay, a week later. The roses
were done, but everything else looked good!

Tuesday tea stains.

I was AHEAD of the game with my lessons this week.

This is how we fix pianos. 

Thanks to copious amounts of hairspray, my bun lasted
all day.

This is what it looks like when I go to the gym at 6:00 and get
to work by 7:15--no blow dry.

I live my life via Post-It Notes.

A colleague started this and I so want to copy her with

I had to stay late for a choir booster meeting, so book and
peanut butter cups on my beanbag seemed appropriate.

On Thursday I wore the necklace a choir kid gave me last
year. It's so cute!


Friday selfie showing off how red my hair looks in the sun.
I felt a little run-down, but not too horrid.

Busy Friday.


Saturday, 6:30...I was at Safeway for Mucinex.

Mom planted another barrel in the garden. 

Perfect sunflower.

Potato vine.

Finally made myself lie down with my book (can't put these
down!!), a box of tissue for the endless snot, and my
Cuddle Bug.
Another busy week awaits. Back to School Night, dinner with a friend, and other adventures. At least this cold seems to be on its way out.

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