Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #90)

Words like "busy" and "tired" don't really do this week justice. But it was a good week. While I shall now be running around like a hyperactive puppy for the next few months, I kinda enjoy it.


Mom. <3 td="">

Dad took one of me, so I took one of him.

I had a birthday cheeseburger.
And it was good.

The Super Moon

Aww, thank you, Big Bank that helped tank the economy!

First Day of School selfie.

I wore my green Chucks, of course.

The staff did a gender-bending dance to "Grease" at the rally.

A Grizzly head.

The morning sky on my birthday. 

My new pink skirt had the most satisfying "swish" to it. I
am convinced it gives me super powers.

The Student Government kids are GOOD.

Lindsay sent me flowers at work!

Birthday cake. 

Birthday cuddles and purrs.

The mid-week state of my desk. So horrid.

Wednesday night Indian food with Sarah.


Bloodshot eyes. TIRED. 

Friday Face

I stayed after school for two hours and got my desk back
in order. 

Organized Teacher is organized. 

Spent several hours today reading Outlander on my Kindle.

With a brief pause for cuddles. 

Very appropriate card from Maayan. 

This coming week promises to be just as insane. Bring it on. ; )

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