Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #89)A Foun

This was the week I really went back to school, even though kids don't start 'til tomorrow. And yet I still managed to get a lot of Instagram pics.

Saturday Evening:

I bought myself some LEGOs and built a plane.

LEGOs are seriously awesome.


Nine miles, feelin' strong.

Sunday with Bella.


I love this--his crew chief ran out to congratulate him.

Stunning sunset.


I got my new posters up, and reveled in how awesome they
look. P.S. Even with a tall ladder, getting Frank up there
was terrifying. 

Note values

On the left, there will be pics of my choir kids.


Good morning, Drum Line. 

Great pic, what's with the extra M?

Birthday board.

My last poster had arrived, so Wednesday, I put it up.
"You buy 'em, we fly 'em!"

I seriously can't stop being all giddy about this stuff.

Ahh, that's better. 

Student government puts these up to help students find
their classes. Notice I have TWO classes this semester!

Two girls came in to help me out, and one wrote this on
the board. I love their excitement. I have terrific kids.

The other girl did this. Very cute. 

Almost ready!! 

Thursday was a district-wide inservice. I took copious notes.

No one told me there'd be a test!! I went to a pull-out
session on making grading more meaningful, and part of
it required taking a mock test (it all made sense, trust).

Kap is back!! First pre-season game for the Niners.

Every year, the student government kids give us breakfast
on our first day back at the site. And they cheer us as we
come into the cafeteria. So awesome.

School-wide theme for the year.

A gift from student government--it's a pen. 

We were split into groups based on bears. There was a
Teddy Bear group. :) 

I spent some time working on Friday afternoon, getting
chairs set up. Ready!

Found two little tiny kites at Walgreen's on clearance. Win!

Posing with my handiwork. 

Seen at Papyrus in the mall. 

Fake ducks!

I met my friend Meghan and her daughter The Roz for
lunch and some back-to-school shopping yesterday. Saw
this at Hot Topic.

Star Wars Vans. So awesome.

My Little Pony shoes. 

This week is going to be full of nuttiness. First week of school, my birthday, etc. etc. etc. Good stuff.

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