Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Very Merry Birthday

My 36th birthday celebrations started early, with Mom's cat Bella serenading me at 1:00. I believe this morning's wee-hours rehearsal involved Wagner's Ring Cycle. I know for certain it involved me getting out of bed, peering grumpily at the kitchen clock, and half-yelling, "Bella! KNOCKITOFF!" into the living room before harrumphing back into bed and passing out again.

I appreciate her efforts, though.

Things got a little more manageable later in the day. I went for a walk as the sun was starting to rise up over our neighborhood, and it put on a hell of a show for me.

Keane was playing on my iPhone and the sun was doing this--I stopped in my tracks and just enjoyed the moment. Sometimes, pure joy just takes over.

After years of never being at school on my birthday to carry balloons around, these days, I work on my birthday. Last year, it was the first day at my new job. This year, it was the second day of school and less of a deal. Still, the student government kids put a sign up by my classroom door, and my choir sang to me. One sprinted into my office to grab the inflatable tiara we use for birthdays, and I gamely wore it for a few minutes.

Otherwise, things were quiet. At lunch, I bustled through the office on the way from my choir room to the piano lab, and saw a man waiting in line at the front counter with a flower delivery. I thought vaguely that someone else must have a birthday or something today, as I sailed out, my arms full of papers, my planner, and the massive stack of catalogs I'd found in my mailbox...and my brain full of everything I needed to get done during the piano lab class today.

During 4th period, I had a text from my duck lady, Lindsay, in Michigan, asking if a surprise had arrived. In a rare free moment, I responded that I hadn't been home since early this morning, to which she responded, "No, at school!!" After school, I headed back to my office off the choir room, to find an email from the front desk ladies informing me I had a delivery.

Sure enough, those flowers had been for me. : )

(She even had "Go Grizzlies!" put on the card!)

I didn't stay long after school. I originally meant to, or to go to the gym, but home was calling me. Home meant a nice chat with Mom and Dad, and chocolate cake, because of course there's cake on my birthday.

I'm just relaxing tonight. There's tons to do, and I'll be up early tomorrow to do it, but for now, I figure I am allowed an evening of relaxing and reading. And digesting chocolate cake.

It's been a lovely birthday.

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