Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #86)

Nothing too out-of-the-ordinary this week. More work with my exchange students, etc. etc.


There's more Burt's Bees stuff in my bathroom.

All in a day's work. ;)



Monday was a Bun Day.

It was also simply too hot outside to exist. Ugh.

They're sooo excited to learn square-dancing.


"I'd liked to request some good lap time, please."

After  a week off, I was happy to get back out on a run.

Our chapter was about psychology, so OF COURSE I
showed a video of my favorite psychiatrist.

Mom's garden is just gorgeous.

A water main burst at my gym, so I had to work out in the

Selfie with a 25-pound kettlebell.

App Bingo for the students. 

Lovely sky on Thursday morning.

Showing the kids some marching band from my Large
Suburban High School.

Cats and boxes. Boxes and cats.

Some Roseville HS cheerleaders came to cheer for the
exchange students. 

The blonde girl, front row, second from right? I held her
when she was two days old. Her Mom is my friend Sarah.

Unpacking our adjectives.

Spent a nice chunk of Friday evening chatting online with
a dude in India...who walked me through downloading and
installing new audio drives in my laptop. I have sound back!!


Mom and I went shopping today. : )

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