Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #82)

I started off really pic-happy, and lost steam as the week wore on.


Teeny, tiny lizard.

See? Tiny.

Mom and Dad's new patio furniture.

Garden time for Little Miss Spoiled.

I lived in WA for a whole year and didn't know there was
a place called Humptulips. Imagine the sign pictures!!

I watched some World Cup this week. A first.


Hello, office.

On Monday, I set out to put my new stereo equipment

It came with plenty of stress-reducing bubble wrap.

To reward myself for putting the stereo together without
tears, I went to the used book store.

My haul. Five bucks.

Making gift tags.


Between piano lessons, I made some labels.

Well, of course I bought them.


I like green.


Talked to M. the Reasonable about half marathons. Got
home, saw my odometer. It's a sign!! I registered.


Surprisingly overcast morning.

More garden time for Millie. 

Spot the real cat.

Thursday was my last day teaching piano at Fusion.
I'm not particularly sad.

The ribbon aisle at JoAnn is very dangerous.

I bought a heart-shaped punch and went to town on a huge
stack of scrap paper. Confetti!

After six hours of howling for attention, someone finally
got some lap time. 

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