Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #81)

I'm really loving all the down time I've been having...while still getting stuff done and having kick-ass workouts.


See? So kick-ass. I was weaving like a drunk person
when I the theme for this week became

Secondary theme: RELAXING.

Mom, Dad and I tried a new restaurant in downtown
Lincoln. It was tasty. Great service, too.

Aside from the incorrect apostrophe, this is the BEST
sandwich name I've ever seen.


I have a new roommate! Lynn, the band teacher, moved in
so we're making messes and sorting them out as we go.

Working on an arrangement for my choir using Finale. So
much fun.


They're baaaaack! (Sheeples.)

Cool sign pic.

I helped my friend Chris do some furniture shopping at IKEA
so he bought me lunch and a whopping margarita.

Later in the day I stopped at Sports Authority to check out
my options for running hydration.

And to giggle at the adorable little five-pound kettlebell.
For perspective: mine is 25 pounds.


I'm testing gels and chews and electrolyte tablets to see
what works best for me.

You might be a runner...


When I'm not running or working out, I'm staying
hydrated with simple water.

Every Monday and Friday, Dad and a group of vets meet
at a coffee place in the neighborhood. So I got him a gift
card so he can treat his buddies on Monday morning.

Friday afternoon, chillin' with my girl.

Millie got some supervised back yard time and she was

Mom and Dad made a flower run on Friday.

So, of course Saturday meant planting. The garden looks
very, very lovely and colorful and cheerful.

The recent patio extension.

It's hard to see because none of them are ripe yet, but this
plant is covered in tomatoes. 

Pretty view.

I have another couple weeks of this whole work-when-I-want, rest-all-I-want fun, then I start my summer gig teaching English to exchange students. I've already started lesson planning, which I actually quite enjoy. It involves a lot of PowerPoint and finding appropriate YouTube videos (I'm totally using some old Schoolhouse Rock! videos because they're fun and a chance for the kids to just relax and not think for a minute).

Life is good.

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