Sunday, May 04, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #75)

Next time my parents decide to do a major renovation to any part of the house--even if it doesn't directly involve my bedroom--I'm insisting they wait 'til summer vacation.

Here's what my week kinda looked like.


Obviously, there was this.

1:09:02 is when I crossed the finish. My official time was


It was Staff Appreciation Week. Arrived to this on Monday,
and goodies on my desk just about every day.

I found this bear finger puppet in my old teaching stuff
and brought it to school (we're the Grizzlies).

Monday was a red boots day. I always get a lot of

Some of my pics from our Anaheim tour.

The BEST pics from tour.

The contents of my room and Mom's craft room--in the
breakfast nook.

Student Government made us mix CDs. 

My graduation robe and hood arrived. The red and silver
represent CSU Chico, my alma mater. The pink lining
represents my area of study: music.

Mom's craft room, carpet-less.

It's not a trick of the light. Where the bed folds down was
distinctly lighter than around it. So gross.

I got the many spots of bird shit washed off RoPro...only
to go to school and get more.

My colleague, Lynn, gives gifts to the pit orchestra
every night of a show. So cute.

Reunited with my clarinet. 

We were given these on Thursday and asked to wear them
on Friday. They did a huge potluck for us on Friday. Our
student government kids are rock stars. 

Lord Farquaard's noble steed, parked in the hallway outside
my choir room. 

Lynn strikes again.

In the pit.

A post-show pint with Lynn and others.

I stayed at a hotel Friday night (couldn't sleep in my room),
and came home on Saturday to this.

Mom and I took a break from unpacking to watch the
gorgeous California Chrome win the Kentucky Derby.

A new shelf over my desk (to house our cable/internet tower).

My new desk, much smaller than the old one, giving me
more room to maneuver in my Bat Cave.

This coming week is busy, but without the whole aspect of moving out of my bedroom, then back in. More Shrek shows, daily workouts, choir, Sac Choral, back to private lessons (which I didn't have this last week--and didn't miss!!).

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